A Room To Build A Dream On

I can't explain the way I felt
when we pulled up to our rental in Idaho
Our place in Portland was so modest in sizes
no closets, scary steep stairs,
and not even a proper place to put the fridge
haha no wonder we haven't found a renter
but I loved it! It was so cozy and charming
Our new place is quite different
the closets alone could amount to half of our Portland home.
From the road it looks like a giant castle-
it's huge! So much so that I can't fill the rooms!
The living room and master bedroom are entirely empty
It seemed more fitting to put our small miss matching
bedroom set in the guest room
and if we stay long enough and our wallets expand
the Master Bedroom would be ready to fill
when and if the time comes
same goes with the living room
so in the mean time I dream of how they might come together
here are a few pieces and ideas for my bedroom
***I'm thinking cottage cozy with a touch of whimsy***
of coarse the reality of purchasing new furniture
will not be so glamourous.
More like a Costco deal we just can't pass up
oh-well maybe someday I can afford luxurious sheets and a Thonet bed
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P.S. The little mirror giveaway
goes to Julie of Splendidly Sweet

Happy Weekend!

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