A Busy Life

Charlie & Charlee

What a busy little life I have been leading
first I was in Portland visiting my family
and cheering my mom on as she ran the Portland Marathon
Then home for a night just to wake up
and get back on the road
to visit and help my grandmother
who is recovering from a massive surgery.
She is doing really good but still has chemo to look forward to.
On the way back home we picked up one extra passenger
my best friend from childhood let me barrow her 3 year old!
Charlee and I had a wonderful week together
and when it was time to take her back I was
very very sad to let her go!
But the next day we were back on the road and on our way to
Yellowstone National park.
Hubby and I had a great trip along with the pups and Big Red.
Poor Red hadn't been on the road since our move to Idaho

although I think Red is rather fond of his new home
perched in front of a white picket fence
how quaint :)

We've talked about selling ol' Red
classic story - we need the money
But I would hate to see him go!!!

So anywho...
what was it like having a 3 year old in the house for a week?
Pure JOY!!! but Yes, exhausting
which was a gift unto its self really
helped me see that I should truly value my ALL ME time
I have right now in life

It was also a treat to see how Jim and I
will handle a foster care child as a team
we still haven't gone through our training yet
we hope that the December classes will be a better fit
you need some 40 hours of class time
which isn't a problem for me
but for my hard working man it is near impossible

In January we will have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years
I wish I could say it has gotten easier
but it really hasn't... denial and bitterness are familiar friends
although mostly I feel numb
with our current insurance plan we seem to be in a rut
not knowing how to precede
On the one hand it seems like I should work on me
and some of the health issues I have
that may or may not be part of the problem
but are very painful and scary
but the doctors also have said if I were to get pregnant
it might reverse my symptoms
It's not easy to pick a path when even just consulting a doctor these days
will empty your pockets

I wish we were in the position to adopt now
Having Charlee in our home really helped me realize
that children don't have to be your flesh and blood
for you to love and adore them
I always worried too that adoption would be difficult for my husband
but even he was sad to see Charlee go.
Gosh I don't think I've ever smiled so much
watching Jim play with Charlee was such a treat
it reminded me of what a good man Jim is
and what a big heart he has!

Charlee love really wasn't into being a model for me
lol I felt like I was inflicting child labor on the poor thing
yes, shamefully there were bribes!
But what a darling model she was once she caught the bug
it only latest for about 10 minutes but it was enough!

I love this one!
I wish I had had more blue dresses in her size
because as Charlee's favorite color
she was much more eager
to show off how adorable she looked

I always joke that I hope I'll be a better mother
than I am a doggy owner
but my boys were wonderful all week long!
For the most part they took all of Charlee's smothering
and well I think they were just as sad to see her go
especially, they are missing her endless table scraps

I've just listed 10 new YoYo headbands in my shop
many for the fast approaching Christmas season

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