Halloween Decorations 2010

It's hard to believe we have been living in Idaho
for almost 7 months
I visited Portland for the first time sense our move
a few weeks ago. The trip only made it more clear in my mind
that Portland was never the place for us to call home
although LOL our home is still technically there.
Until we can sell our home in Ptown
we are renting here in Idaho
The home is a castle compared to our place in Portland
But I miss my little home so very, very much
while our rental has room and closets to spare
I miss my little nooks and small cozy spaces
The issue that drives me the most mad
is that our landlord wont let us hang anything
NO nails, NO tape, No nothing!
There are just a few nails already in the house
most in very odd places.

Thank goodness there was one nail in the living room
but I really miss having all my family pictures up.
what I do love about this house
is all the natural light!

There is an adjacent living room to this one that has nothing in it
except our dining room table
The walls in the room are a red-burgundy color
and there is also a fireplace
but we chose this room because it was the only logical place for the tv
plus you can keep an eye on what is going on from the kitchen
Maybe we will switch things around before Christmas?
Either way this house has room for a Christmas tree
in almost every room!

My Miller dog and Charlie dog love living here in Idaho;
Just like their momma
they were both not fond of the rain
plus having a giant fenced off yard doesn't hurt either!

Well there you have it - after 7 months
I have finally shown you a little peak of our home.


Retro Plants said...

oh goody!
i love it.
natural light is SUCH a bonus!
our house is SO dark. . . i hate that!

it all looks so pretty and cozy. . . can i come and live there too!?!

Holly Loves Art said...

Your home is beautiful! Doggies are precious! Happy to see you are settling in as best as you can. Tricky business with the landlord but you've made things work! Thanks for sharing.

Megan V said...

Wow...I can't believe they don't let you hang things!! The one good part about the piece of crap house we are renting is that they don't care what we do to it!! In fact...I have more nails in the walls than I care to count! They can always fill them in :) ha! Love the little peek at your home, it looks beautiful.