Halloween Crafting

I've had this haunted house in the works for over a year now
last year I picked up a few after halloween clearance items
including the adorably frightful jackolantern from Target
However I wasn't going to bother putting it together this year
that was, until I was watching a Martha Stewart Halloween Special
and I thought you know what
why do I want to watch someone else be creative
when I can get off my little rump and go make something myself

I think for the most part
I find it difficult to stay motivated
when it comes to personal projects.
I don't have any issues making things for my shop
but when it comes to making things for me
I rather fizzle out
I think perhaps it's because we so seldom have company
which is half a blessing
because that means the house doesn't have to keep clean
yet I emphasize the half
because it's also nice to have a constant flow of company
to motive the little house wife
(that's me) to do her job!

Well thank you Martha
for inspiring me to finish my little house
I'm rather happy I did!

actions and textures

I wish I lived closer to my mother-n-law
she is a very crafty gal
oh what fun we would have together!!!
As an employee to Michael's Craft Store
she entered a halloween contest
for her store last year
and she won the national grand prize
for her flying witch!

I haven't been to a Michael's in quite some time
but I hear they have directions on how to make your own
(a bit simplified) flying witch.
How spooktacular!


Kris Pare said...

I just love your sweet Halloween house! Have a fun spooky weekend, Kris

sassypackrat said...

I also have the dreaded "can't make it for myself-itis". Your little Halloween house is adorable!

Retro Plants said...

oh cool!
i LOVE the haunted house.
and your MIL is cool too. ;)
craftiness galore in your fam!