Trick Or Treat? Either Way You'll Get Something Sweet

Another great find from the Portland Library Clipping files.
Oh how I miss the Portland Libraries!!!


paper bags are so handy and fun!
Here are just a few fun ideas I found throughout blog land
oh heck while you're at it why not make
a whole paper bag city or town.
Make an Owl, or even a whole zoo
or how about making a book
and reading it out loud to someone you love?
For goodness sakes... why is there not a book called
"100+ things to do and make with Paper bags"

Paper Bag Masks - 1953Paper Bag Masks - 1953

I can't wait to have children to dress up for Halloween
The ideas are as endless as your imagination
and a good costume can go a long ways...
proving your children with the tools for
good ol' fashioned fun and play

I'm really into animal costumes this year
If all goes as plan I hope to be a bunny rabbit this year.
How about you? Do you still dress up
or as my little second cousin recently informed me
"mommy, is being a mommy!"

There are so many adventive and well made costumes
available on etsy
and I think it's relatively safe to say that within the United States
there is still time to order and have your costume in time for
trick or treating.

A good solution perhaps,
if your diy project didn't quite come together
or that must have costume has been rather elusive to tack down.

I wish I could look this cute dressed as a chicken!
Love those rubber glove footsies!

One last Halloween treat from the clipping files before I go.
Spooky Sweet and salty treats!
I especially like the kitty at popcorn ball


Retro Plants said...

oh too fun!
i want to make it all!
in fact. . . maybe we will make popcorn pals tonight! ;)

thanks hon for the inspiration.

♥ Liefgeval ♥ said...

Hey sweet girl,
how nice to hear from you again :)
How are ya? I hope you are doing
fabulous over there on the other
side of the world!
Here in my home town, we have contests
on who looks prettiest on Halloween!
I never play, but maybe I should
sometime...I forgot that you don't
necessarily have to dress up scary,
sweet is good too :)!
And sweet I like :)!
Wish you the best <3!

Pink Tree Studio said...

I won't be home, so I hope I don't get tricked :~) But I wish I had a costume, as I'm going to see Phantom of the Opera in Hollywood on Halloween!!!

Hope you have lots of fun, eat lots of candy and post lots of photos of the festivities:~)

Megan V said...

Halloween is my absolute favorite!!!! I'm not even quite sure what we should DO this year now that we are in this new little town and don't know many people. I still want to have a fun Halloween! I need ideas! :)

Erica Hettwer said...

Oh my gosh! I have that book with the paper bag masks! I think it's out in our shop. It used to belong to my mom and her brothers when they were kids. Now, I've got to go out and find it! :)