Vintage Vagablondes

There are some really amazing people in the world
and especially in the fair land of blogging
I recently was shown such kindness from a fellow blogger
and today I would like to publicly say

Sheri and her daughter Ashlee
are two very stylish, vintage loving gals.
How lucky they are love the same things
and ultimately love each other enough to work hand in hand
searching out and selling vintage treasures.

Ashlee is a beauty
and a mega fashionista to boot
is full of vintage fashion and touching honesty
about her life and her many adventures
I really relate to her words
about finding ones self and dealing with loss.

Sheri is a hoot ~ Her blog always makes me smile
she just radiates happy go lucky goodness
She is a girl after my own heart
with her newly renovated 1961 Fireball trailer
in pink no less!

Oh man am I swooning over her trailers interiors
ours is still stuck in the 1970s

Thank you once again Sheri!
You are truly priceless!

~Chelsea Ann


sassypackrat said...

Oh wow! Love her trailer! So cute and sweet!

Ashlee said...

this is so sweet!

thank you!