My Very Absolute Flickr Favorites

1. junior deluxe, 2. Sprinkled cookies with pom garland, 3. Green Apron, 4. Vintage ribbon, 5. dear my..., 6. candy jar, 7. Have a Sweet Weekend, 8. Pink Retro Beads, 9. vintage red beads, 10. Gumdrop wreath in the kitchen, 11. elly-white5, 12. taking a walk - day 247, 13. pink ballerina party: abandoned, 14. Little Miss Sunshine! <3, 15. elephants, 16. margie

Ever wonder how your blogger friends shared their flickr favorites 
with all those links... all that work? 
Well its not really much work at all at big huge lab. Try it- it's fun :) 
4 out of 5 dentist recommend it! HEHE!


Kristen said...

I love your Flickr picks!! Big-huge-lab is sooooo cool :)

Can you send me a Convo(to my Etsy shop)if you can't reach me through my e-mail??

Anonymous said...

Beautiful mosaic :) said...

I have got to agreeeeee!! These are more than swoonilicious!! LOoove the colors!!!

Ruth said...

the elephants (number 15) is my favourite favourite :)

Bethany Hissong said...

Great collage! I used to have that Snoopy pull toy when I was little and the elephant drawings are by Jen Corace, my favorite illustrator! And I love gingham. This should be my favorites too :)