New Stuff That Makes Me Happy!

Found a great pack of ballerina cake toppers for my cake jewelry boxes. Love the elegant little posses. I was a  ballerina once upon a time. Unfortunately I was never very graceful and I always had short hair which is very much against proper ballerina etiquette.

I got Tiny Tim the turtle for a bargain price. He no longer chatters and he's lost his string... but all of his original charm is still in tact. What a cutie!

My wonderful sister in-law gave me this train. Somehow it has never been played with! Its like new! That won't last long!!!! Thanks Sammy ~ I am just crazy about it!


Christy said...

Very cute finds! OMG i have a toot toot train like that too when i was a kid!

Anonymous said...

I love the ballerinas you found !!!